of the future

of the future
It's an open cabin with infrared lamps,
in which is installed cardio equipment
The first large-scale studies of the benefits of infrared rays began in the eighties, commissioned by NASA, who were actively using certain doses of bright visible light in the training of astronauts. Now the positive effects of infrared radiation have been confirmed by many clinical trials and are actively used in medicine as well as in the health and beauty industry.

Austrian engineers combined the effectiveness of cardio exercise and the benefits of red light phototherapy, presenting a completely different approach to fitness.

Infrared rays are gaining popularity
Infrared exposure is beneficial for blood properties, improves metabolic processes in tissues and microcirculation. The thermal energy of the infrared rays helps to cleanse the body of toxins and heavy metals. The thermal effect of infrared light helps to reduce pain in the nerve endings located in the affected area and adjacent tissues, reducing muscle tension. In addition, the active stimulation of metabolic processes helps to reduce psychological and emotional tension.

Source link: Men's Health October-November 2021
What is included in the IPM complex
The 3 ingredients for healthy and effective weight loss

IPM will help

Active fat burning, warming of body tissues and recovery of all body systems

Infrared rays

Color Therapy
targets every single problem separately, improving your well-being

Cardio Equipment

Effective fat burning

Lose weight
Get rid
of cellulite
Restore joints
Cope Muscle pain
Revitalize Rejuvenate and revitalize skin
Strengthen stamina
We will deliver, install and configure the equipment in your club

We provide quality support at all stages throughout the test

Provide training for all coaching and administrative staff

We will hold a client day and announce the appearance of new equipment in your club

We will provide a full package of marketing support (branded rollups, flyers, leaflets, videos, logo and other materials to be placed on the site and in social networks)

Special terms of cooperation!

Can be used with a stationary bike, ellipsoid, cross-trainer, rowing machine, treadmill or other cardio equipment
Ability to install any cardio equipment
Built-in cooling system

2 high-speed fans for customer cooling (selectable operating power)
Multimedia included

LCD TV with SMART-TV and special bracket, as well as USB-flash drive with training videos on the device, entertainment videos

LED panel

7 colors for color therapy (option to select any of the colors or turn the panel off completely)

Service support
2 years warranty and post warranty service

Panel spacing

At its narrowest point: 88 cm
At the widest point: 128 cm

Length 178 cm
Width 158 cm
Height 177 cm


Length 180cm
Width 134 cm


160 kg

LED backlight
Sleep mode. When the infrared lamps are turned off, the LED backlight automatically turns on, which in "sleep mode" shimmers in different colors
Touch monitors
The device is equipped with 2 monitors, as well as a TV. The first one controls the operating modes of the device. The second - during the operation of infrared lamps shows calorie counting
Service support

An individual password is entered to turn on the IR lamps. With the built-in timer, the IPM will automatically turn off the lamps after the selected time. After the lamps are turned off, the password must be entered to turn them on again

AC 220-240V

Infrared heating panels (infrared tunnel) for sports, brand IPM

16 А
Current (max)

~ 50Hz/~ 60Hz
Frequency (Russia/USA)

Power Line

3.6 kw
Power (max)

Country of production